True Freedom & The Liberation Process


As of February 2020, this book is in the final stages of getting ready for publishing. Please contact me by clicking here and let me know your are interested in my book. I’ll email you the link to the book as soon as it’s published. You may be also interested in my introductory visual book True Freedom versus Self-Improvement by clicking here. Thank you for your interest!

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This book describes Margot’s life journey. Margot knew as a child that all people have an intrinsic right to live truly free, happy, and vital lives. Step by step, in the course of Margot’s life, at the age of 47, she came upon the surprising answer.
This book takes you on Margot’s life journey and you’ll learn, in the exact sequence as Margot learned, all the intricate details of what’s required to live a truly free life.


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